The Cuffee Canal; a wildlife ride on a beautiful trail @ Poplar Grove Charleston

Today we struck out from the Poplar Grove Equestrian Center on our horses and took a trail we haven’t ridden since summer.  The woods are so open now since winter has turned all the green to brown.  Wildlife is everywhere as we look forward to the Southeastern Wildlife Festival in Charleston or SEWE.  The Equestrians at Poplar Grove have a front row seat to South Carolina wildlife on horseback.  The canal originally part of the 17th Century Rice Plantation winds it’s way through the 3200 acre Ducks Unlimited Preservation Easement.  We are lucky to ride along this bank with our horses ears pricked forward in observation of deer, turkey, blue heron and eagles.  As we ride, we bask in the warmth of a 66 degree South Carolina February day. Along our ride we can see the new homes being constructed in the Pastures phase of the development.  For more information about buying an Equestrian Property at Poplar Grove contact Currie McCullough 843-853-2004 or email


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